Who Benefits?

4 million children under the age of 15 are injured on slides, swings, and team sports each year. 

According to medical researcher Dr. Gutman, 80% of babies suffer from spinal injuries.   

"Cervical spine and spinal cord injuries often occur during childbirth, but are not routinely diagnosed" Dr. Abraham Towbin, Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School. 

“50% of children have a serious fall from their changing table or bed before the age of 3. The consequences of many of these falls are not detected ”American National Safety Council. 

At the age of 6, it is normal to have suffered more than 1,000 falls, crashes and injuries. 

After these statements, do you still think that it is not necessary to check your children's spine? 

Parents appreciate the importance of examining their children's teeth, ears, eyes,…, but when it comes to a spinal examination they mistakenly believe that it is not necessary. 

Many problems that we treat in our practice started in childhood. Most spinal problems in adults are due to injuries ignored and not treated since childhood. 

Even if the child does not suffer, it does not mean anything. Only an experienced specialist doctor can detect these subtle injuries, which if the years are allowed to pass may be too late to fully heal. 

The future spinal health of your children is in your hands, be a responsible parent, have their spine checked so that they develop as healthy adults. 

Third Age
Aging is a natural and normal process, but a person suffering from structural problems, such as degeneration of the vertebral joints, will present many conditions that they would not have if the degeneration had been corrected, which is why it is so important to take preventive measures to stop the most devitalizing aspects of aging.  

Chiropractic allows you, despite the passing of the years, to stay active, allowing your muscles, joints and nerves to function properly, without the pain that could prevent you from leading a healthy life.  

Extensive 3-year research with people over the age of 75 conducted by the University of Los Angeles has revealed an improved quality of life and good general health for the elderly treated with Chiropractic. This group has been compared to another without chiropractic care, and it is clear that people in the former show fewer health problems, can exercise regularly, and have much shorter stays in hospitals.  

Do not make the mistake of thinking you are too old, many older patients have seen their increased quality of life under our care to their surprise. Currently, the oldest patient in our center is 93 years old. Feel free to check your spine you have nothing to lose.  

During pregnancy the body goes through many transformations, hormonal and digestive changes, weight gain in joints, ligaments to laxity, increased stress on the skeletal system, etc. 

Many women experience back pain at some point in pregnancy and would prefer not to take any medications that could harm the fetus. Chiropractic is the ideal procedure to relieve symptoms without worrying about side effects, because it not only relieves pain but also normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, improving overall health. This is why many women rely on chiropractic care during pregnancy and continue it after delivery.  

In addition, a regular chiropractic checkup reduces the incidence of pain during delivery and on many occasions our patients tell us that deliveries are faster and more comfortable than those prior to having been treated by chiropractic. 

In our practice we are specially equipped with stretchers that perfectly adjust to the morphology of pregnant women and sophisticated techniques are used to treat the patient properly. 

For a pregnancy without medication and without pain call us, you owe it to yourself and your future child. 

Athletes have benefited from Chiropractic for many years. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Chiropractors were part of the medical teams that traveled with athletes. 

Professional athletes seek Chiropractic care because it does not force them to take medications, it helps to ensure that the body functions optimally and improves performance. Chiropractic adjustments prevent injury or aid in better recovery once it occurs. 

A 1997 study revealed that athletes who used chiropractic methods improved their performance by 10%, compared to those who did not. Another investigation found that fewer days of training and games are lost under chiropractic care. 

Many athletes, both amateurs and professionals, would not compete without first being adjusted by their Chiropractor, because they do not wait to be injured or sick, but they want to have their body constantly ready. 

If you exercise, think chiropractic: fewer lost training days and ten percent improvement is a significant amount for an athlete or anyone. For a runner it is the difference between running 100 meters in 10 or 11 seconds.