FAQ - When Will I Heal?

Until your body reaches a state of vitality, having an interference-free connection in the nervous system. People who have great vitality, and good connection of the nervous system stay healthy. Like most people when talking about healing, you want to know when your symptoms and discomfort will go away. The time it takes for your body to respond varies greatly, children often get quick results while older people with chronic problems need more time.

Healing can be slow or fast, complete or partial, although partial the patient sees his quality of life improved. Each case is different.

Many factors influence your recovery such as, your genetic constitution, the age of your injuries, your natural birth, or with forceps or suction cup, traumatic history, your type of work (sedentary or active), your emotional state, your level of stress, their lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol, drugs) their diet, their precautions to avoid reproducing relapses.

We are with you to help your body reach maximum vitality, do not hesitate to ask any questions about your reactions, your uncertainties, about advice, about the development of your care plan.

Your consistency in consultations is a primary factor.