History and Discovery

Daniel David Palmer

H. Lillard  (first patient)

Bartlett Joshua Palmer

Chiropractic, a branch of health sciences that studies the biomechanical-structural problems of the Vertebral Column, and how these problems affect health, was born at the end of the 19th century and was  its forerunner by Dr. Daniel David Palmer  . 

Long before, this close relationship between Health and the Spinal Column was already known by advanced civilizations such as the Egyptian, and even Hippocrates, in the s. II before Christ, he wrote several treatises in which he insisted on searching the column for the origin for curing diseases. 

It was in 1895, when in the city of Davenport (USA), Dr. Daniel David Palmer examines a servant of his, who had been deaf for 17 years. He would quickly notice that his spine at the neck was abnormally thick. Thinking that this anomaly might be related to deafness, he manually adjusted Harvey Lillard, his servant. He regained his hearing. 

The experience unleashed a series of investigations that gave the birth of Chiropractic, from the Greek Chiropraxia: doing good with your hands. 

Dr. Palmer continued working and studying multiple and varied cases, noting in all of them the transcendental role that the spinal column plays for the proper functioning of the entire organism. “All the functions of the body are controlled by the brain and the nervous system. 

The spinal cord and nerves are responsible for the nervous influx to reach all organs and makes normal functioning of the human body possible. And it is the spine that protects the marrow. The nerves that carry the energy of the brain escape between the vertebrae ”. 

Dr. DD Palmer always looked for the cause of health, and consequently the origin of disease. Unlike the medicine of his time, which affirmed that the lack of health was due to an entity that attacks from the outside, Palmer would be a pioneer, and would affirm emphatically that any anomaly had to be looked for inside the body of each patient , ahead of its time. 

After more than a century of history, Chiropractic has spread and developed widely throughout the world, and today, recognized by the WHO, it has become the third health profession with more than thirty universities on the planet . 

To graduate, a cat of 6 years of specialized studies and clinical internship is required. 

Thanks to more than a century of Chiropractic millions of people have cured their ailments.