Our Center

Our center is dedicated to helping people achieve the highest degree of health through proven natural methods.

We use non-surgical methods, free of medication. We provide you with information to improve your diet, your physical exercise, to create a more ergonomic workplace for your spine, and a better overall quality of health.

If you are interested we can perform a complete postural analysis, or structural examination using a unique software program that reveals how structural or postural stress can affect your health or cause pain.

The chiropractic adjustment in our practice is tailored for each individual, from children to retirees.

We offer the latest in Chiropractic techniques.

The Center is perfectly equipped for the comfort and service of our patients.

We use the latest chiropractic techniques with an emphasis on gentle “low force” techniques.

  • We value your time and try to accommodate your appointment time as much as possible. We know that you are a busy person and that you do not want to wait all DAY to see your doctor, so we consider it very important to keep the schedule.
  • We give you our recommendation on the frequency of visits to obtain the best result, although you are in control of the frequency with which you want to come.
  • In our center you will be treated as a person and not as a disease.

We are not only interested in removing the pain but also in finding the CAUSE and guiding you on the path to eliminating it.