FAQ - Is the Chiropractor a Doctor?


The title of Doctor of Chiropractic is achieved with a minimum of six years of university study. 

The doctor in Chiropractic first attends two years of university studies in PRE-Chiropractic and later will receive training for four more years receiving classes on anatomy, physiology, chemistry, neurology, orthopedics and other health and biological sciences. 

During the last two courses, the theoretical classes are completed with consultations as an intern in different clinics, where the student has the opportunity to practice many techniques with numerous patients. 

Once all the subjects have been approved and the objectives are achieved, they will obtain the title of Doctor of Chiropractic. 

After graduation, recent graduates must pass national exams and be licensed by the state where they want to practice. 

In addition, up to 50 hours of ongoing training per year is required to maintain a practice license.